Capriasca is “Comune innovativo 2020”

Lugaggia Innovation Community is the winner of the competition “Innovative Municipality 2020”, now in its 5th edition, in the section “SMART Community”. This is what Capriasca obtained in the competition organised by the local authorities and the Institute for Continuing Education, in collaboration with the Order of Engineers and Architects of the Canton of Ticino and therefore jointly promoted by the Department of Institutions and the Department of Education, Culture and Sport.

The award recognises the “Lugaggia Innovation Community” project carried out by the Municipality of Capriasca, in collaboration with AEM, SUPSI, Hive Power, Optimatik and L+G.

The experience shows how technology-intensive experimentation can also be useful in contexts that are not strictly urban, opening up interesting opportunities even for small villages in the valleys.

The official award ceremony took place on 3 February at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano during the 2nd Canton-Municipalities Symposium.